Rani was a very special little girl from our Poison Litter, sired by Scharmeland Quarter Back "QB", out of our girl Sunniva Midnight Rose "Delta".  Rani started her life as a bundle of energy and joy, lived life to the full, and loved everyone around her.  Rani shared her life with Laurette and Piec (??) O'Keefe, and their darling little poodle Belle.

On (DATE) of this year, Rani lost her life to the carelessness of humans.  While walking along the Munda Biddi Trail in Jarrahdale (along Albany Highway) the day before, Rani picked up 2 fox baits which were left on the pathway for some unsuspecting dog or child to pick up.  Not knowing what fox baits look like, and be honest, who really does, her Mum and Dad thought she had an Italian Sausage in her mouth, and before they could get it all out of her mouth, she swallowed one.  Please read Laurette's account of the events leading up to and following the incident.


Thank you to Laurette, Piec and Belle for giving Rani such a wonderful life.  Although it may have been cut short, her life was full of fun and enjoyment, something that showed beautifully in her out look on life and her condition.  Your family will always be a part of ours



Rainbow Bridge

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