"The Rest Of The Family"


These are the other equally valuable members of our family.  Each are loved and cherished for who they are.



The two pictures here are of our little Toy Poodle, Joe.  He's 5 1/2 years old and takes it upon himself to keep the Dobermanns in line, and yes, the do respect that LOL  Joe is so loveable, comical and very devoted to his family.  His most favourite game of all is fetch and wrestle, he fetches the ball or toy and you wrestle it off him LOL


These two pictures of Fred are taken at approximately 17 years of age.  He was rescued from death row at a pound.  He began life with us as a companion for our Father/Grandfather, and then stayed with us forever after that.  He now looks after us and is the most gorgeous little man you could find.   He is a Poodle Dachshund cross.  We count ourselves so very lucky to have this little man in our lives.

Never look past rescuing a dog, for they will be forever faithful and always remember what you have done for them.  Age is never a problem, Fred came to us at approximately 9 years of age,  while Joe was just 4 months.  Fred had to be totally housetrained as well as learn to walk on a leash, eat from a bowl and learn how to trust humans again.  Putting in those first few hard months has paid off ten fold and we now have a very loving and caring companion.  He and Joe are inseparable and neither are afraid to play happily with our Dobes.

On the 24th December 2005, we had to say goodbye to our darling boy Fred.  Needless to say Christmas for that year was cancelled, as how can you celebrate when you don't have the whole family there anymore.

We miss you darling, and hope you are finding happiness where ever you are.


Rainbow Bridge

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