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Her music is 'Breathe' and is the full version, not a midi.  A special song for the most amazing girl.


Never in our wildest dreams, did we see ourselves living without this most beautiful girl of ours, Jessie.  Doing this Page has been heartbreaking.  She is the most amazing friend anyone could have ever wished for.  She was and is the most perfect being on this earth and of course, now in Heaven.  Sunniva Dobermanns exists because of her, we just never thought we would be trying to carry on without her.  Silly really since we all leave this place to begin life in another, but with some beings, it's just like that.  Some of us are able to meet, may it be for a fleeting moment, that one special person in their lives, that one person who for some reason makes such an impact on your life that, no matter what, you remember them for the rest of your life.  You respect them, wonder about them, wish you could meet them again sometime............for us, this was Jessie and yes, we were so very blessed, because we were able to spend our lives with her.


So, this first Page is dedicated to her, as is Sunniva Dobermanns.  Darling, we will do our best for you, please look in on us from time to time for you are always in our hearts.  Our tears will never stop, sadness for not having you here with us and at times for joy because of the amazing memories you left us with.


Till we meet again Darling

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