This is Jessie at 9 1/2 years old.

We purchased Jessie from a breeder in Victoria, back in 1990.  Due to some unfortunate circumstances on the breeder's part, we were unable to get Jessie's pedigree, but in our eyes she will be a forever champion!  She has been our inspiration when it comes to Dobermanns.  Mouthy, pushy, very playful, wilful, stubborn, protective, plenty of attitude and very loving, Jessie is everything that we expect of any Dobermann we obtain or breed.  She has taught us the true meaning of being owned by a Dobermann.  Anyone who comes across Jessie quickly change any preconceived ideas they had about the breed, she has been a wonderful advocate.  

At the age of 12.5 years, Jessie took part in a Temperament Test run by the Dobermann Club of Western Australia.  Twenty dogs were entered on the day, 5 passed, one being Jessie.  She is thought to be the oldest Dobermann to have competed in this type of test, and although she did compete, she is unable to gain her title as she is not a registered Dobermann.  We're so very proud of you Jess, you are everything a Dobermann should be :o)

Anyone who has been lucky enough to have visited us, know Jessie is Queen of the house, and Alpha Bitch!!

Jessie At 7 Years YOUNG!!!

Jessie turned 14 on March 11, she was still active and walked around 2 1/2 acres twice a day as well as playing with her toys.  Jessie celebrated in style, as usual, sharing her special meal of liver (cooked to a VERY special recipe!!) and got busy ripping and de-stuffing all her new toys!!  She was and is truly the best friend anyone could have ever wished for, that once in a lifetime being some of us are so lucky to have met, but in this case, we are lucky to have shared our lives with her.  Jess has suffered from Diabetes Insipidus and Pancreatitis all her life, but with careful diet and supplements,  she leads as normal and productive life as our other dogs.  

The Garden Beauty :o)

Jessie, without you this never would have eventuated, thank you Darling Girl xoxoxo  You are our inspiration in every sense of the word.

 Jessie Aged 7 Years :o)

April 17th, 2004, Jessie was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus and is insulin dependant.  She is responding very well to her treatment,  she amazes us all with her courage.  Special thank you to our vets for caring so much about this little lady, and for offering such wonderful advise and words of encouragement.

January 19, just 7 weeks short of her 15th Birthday, we lost our Darling Girl.  It was and still is, the saddest day of our lives.  Losing her has been the most difficult thing we have had to deal with and without her by our sides, the thought was to not continue with our beloved Dobes.  But, it was because of her we began and so we will continue, with the support and love of so many friends to have come to help us through this most awful time.  You are all so right, and Jessie, we do this for you and continue with more strength and will to succeed than we ever had before.


Jessie @ 14yrs & 1mth - Copyright Sunniva Dobermanns


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