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Sired by one of the most influential and magnificent Dobermanns of America, Am Can Ch Teraden's The Chocolate Soldier "Cody", Julie certainly brings health, beauty and style to Australia.  Boasting such a beautiful and unique pedigree, Julie has a great record of longevity behind her, with her father living to the ripe old age of 13, her mother still going at 8 and her Grandmother still going at 13.

Julie was whelped in 2002, making the semen at that time close to 20yrs old.  Bringing such unique lines into Australia, we hold such high aspirations for our future breeding program.  Julie will certainly offer the movement, width and strength of body, and stable temperament that her father was so famous for.

You can read more about Julie's father, Am Can Ch Teraden's The Chocolate Soldier by clicking on his name.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Marty Young of MyDobes Dobermans for allowing yet another beautiful girl make her home here with us in Australia.

Julie has had the following testing done - 

VWD - Carrier

OFA - Good

Cardiac - Normal (Cardiologist)


Julie is due to be mated 2008.  Stay tuned for further details.

Julie's Pedigree

Whelped - 29th May 2002


Am Ch Teradens The Chocolate Soldier

Copyright Cheri McNealy

Whelped - 24 Aug 81

Died - Jun 1994

VWD - Clear

Thyroid - Normal

OFA - Excellent

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